We are committed to saving energy, steps we have taken are:

  • We operate on a green energy tariff
  • We utilise low energy light bulbs
  • We use sensor operated lighting wherever possible
  • When replacing appliances, we opt for A rated appliances
  • Our caravan lodges and lodges are fitted with thermostatic heating controls
  • All of our new accommodation comes with domestic style insulation and double glazing
  • Our clubhouse is heated with electric heaters on a timer with thermostatic controls

We encourage our guests to follow our energy saving tips of turning off lights when they leave their accommodation and turning down heating.


We want to promote sustainable tourism for the benefit of the future generation of holidaymakers. As a responsible holiday park we are committed to:

  • Informing our guests on single use plastics. We provide information to our guests about this via accommodation folders, poster sites and big screen broadcasts.
  • We have a green charter made available to all guests giving 3 tips on how they can 'Go Green on Holiday'.
  • We have a company wide environmental policy which is on our website. All new employees are made aware of this.
  • We encourage our suppliers to minimise packaging. All of the brochures sent out from head office are sent in biodegradable plastic wallets or paper envelopes.
  • Taps in public buildings are on a push tap systems to avoid wastage.
  • We utilise water loggers to identify leaks and conserves resources.
  • Our toilets have duel flush to save water.
  • We have a dedicated Green Champion on park to promote ecologically friendly practices.
  • We use electric vehicles on the park

Recycling & Waste

We aim to minimise the amount of waste we send to landfill. We have taken the following steps:

  • We have dry mixed recycling facilities in every bin bay 
  • We have dedicated bottle banks throughout the site. Glass recycling uses less energy than making new glass products, which in turn reduces the strain on raw materials and resources.
  • We offer food recycling. Food waste is used to produce both energy and high quality compost.
  • All of our used cooking oil is collected to make greener fuel.
  • Unused toilets rolls are donated to staff.

Carbon Offset

We aim to minimise our carbon footprint. We offer incentives to guests travelling by public transport to provide free cot and highchair hire. We offset the paper used in marketing literature with a tree planting scheme.

Wildlife & Gardening

  • We have a tree management plan and replace dead and dying trees with native trees and shrubs
  • Where possible we make our own natural compost to use on plants and bedding
  • We have bird boxes, owl boxes and Bee B&Bs throughout the site
  • We plant nectar rich honey bee friendly plants which are sourced locally
  • We leave areas of the park uncut so wild flowers can prosper
  • We maintain our hedgerows leaving a one metre wildlife corridor


  • We support and promote our local community
  • We employ local people and trades people
  • Where possible we source local produce to be used in our restaurant, bar and stocked in our shop

Charity Work


  • We have reduced the number of printed marketing leaflets by combining them with our park maps so all information is in a single printed format
  • Our park maps are printed on recycled paper using ecologically friendly inks
  • Local information is supplied in a wipeable format in the accommodation unit to reduce paper usage
  • We have employed a print-stop-think policy across the company
  • All booking confirmations are sent electronically where possible
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